Integrated Communication

GF Communication was born in 2020 as a union of the founders’ thirty-year experiences in media relations, public relations, marketing and commercial support, event management and of communication in a broad sense in the sectors of eyewear, optics, ophthalmology, design, the Third Sector, cosmetics, Information Technology, and emerging technologies. 
The team follows the customer with the aim of transforming brands into must-have for the consumer or for the interlocutor of the trade market.

The peculiarity of GF is the integrated approach to the media. 



Gloria has been involved for over 25 years in activities such as: Sales & Marketing, Communication, Advertising, Media Plan Management, Event Organization, PR.

She was Sales & Advertising Manager for important magazines in the optics, ophthalmology and eyewear sectors.

Her areas of expertise: Optics, Ophthalmology, Eyewear, Health, Wellness, Tourism, Construction Contracts, Language Training, Marketing and Communication Training, Culture.

She lived in Munich, Berlin and Lausanne.

Her travels took her to the USA, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.


Francesca chose to make communication her profession in 1993, in particular by focusing on press room activities.

As a journalist, she collaborated with companies, organizations, institutions, media in Italy and abroad.

Her areas of expertise: Information Technology, robotics, optics, home automation, artificial intelligence, open innovation, digital design, cosmetics. She has also been working professionally for many years in the non-profit sector.

She lived in Geneva and in various parts of Italy, but above all on the Net.


he support of a reliable partner, present at every stage of the journey; we offer seriousness, competence and availability. We offer experience but also new ideas, we offer tradition and innovation.

We do not change your horizon, we simply offer it to you broader and wider.

The team provides in-depth technical and know-how experience and is able to support customers in the various areas of communication:

  • Complete management of the institutional press office, product / service, for individual events and projects. 

  • Marketing and communication: study of strategies aimed at achieving company objectives, study and creation of documentation suitable for product communication, development of relationships with stakeholders. 

  • Drafting of texts for all means of communication, whether online or offline, so that they are effective and consistent with business objectives.

  • Digital communication: study and realization of the editorial contents of the sites, creation and management of social media profiles, drafting of the editorial plan, post management. 

    Media planning: advertising planning on national media (trade and consumer publications) and international media (trade publications). 

  • Management of public relations activities. 

  • Events: study of the concept, organization and realization of fairs, conferences, roadshows, educational, meetings, research and implementation of sponsorships and partnerships. 

  • Creation of house organ / magazine in digital and / or paper format: management of the scientific board, content management and collection, creation of a database with target companies and associations, management and collection of advertising and partnerships, drafting of the commercial proposal. 

  • Management of scientific working groups.


Write us at  gf@gfcommunication.it  in order to have a direct contact!

We always answer and we are available to establish a contact for:

  • send a presentation of GFCommunication

  • Responding to requests for general information about our work

  • Answer specific questions about processes and services